Instructions to Setup SMS Alerts

  1. Choosing the correct SMS Provider and SMS Pack

    There are many SMS providers that provide SMS service. When selecting an Provider and SMS Plan for Chikitsa, please keep following points in mind:
    • HTTP to SMS API : Chikitsa requires HTTP to SMS API to send SMS. to SMS API. HTTP to SMS API is a RESTful API that uses simple query parameters via URLs. These API uses an URL of following type to send SMS So you need to make sure that the SMS Provider uses this method to send SMS.
    • Transactional SMS : It is adivsable to purchase Transactional SMS Plan. The SMS we send from Chikitsa are Transactional SMS only.
  2. SMS Settings

    You will receive following information from your SMS provider once you purchase your SMS Pack
    • Username
    • Password
    • URL format
    • Sender ID : This is not mandatory / not required. So don’t worry if your SMS Provider doesnt provide you one.
    Enter your Username , Password and Sender Id in SMS Settings on Administration > Alert Settings Page. Before entering the URL, you will need to make some changes in URL. We will need to use shortcodes in URL. First study the URL format provided by SMS provider, mainly it will have following elements
    • username
    • password
    • sender id
    • to mobile number – Number to which we want to send SMS
    • message – the actual text message
    • template_id – Some SMS providers requires that you register the template of SMS before sending it. And send the SMS along with SMS.
    We have created shortcodes as mentioned above. You will need to replace the sample values with these values in URL. So above URl will become[username]&password=[password]&&from=Chikitsa&to=[mobileno]&text=[message]. Enter this URL in URL to send SMS in SMS Settings Page. When a SMS is sent, these shortcodes are replaced by Chikitsa with relevant informartion.
  3. SMS Formats

    You will need to enable SMS and set SMS format before you can send SMS. On Administration > Alert Settings Page, in Settings.

  1. Enable the Alerts that you want to send.
  2. To Edit the SMS Format , Click on Edit Format. If your service proivder requires, register SMS template first. They will provide you with a Template ID Enter the template ID ini SMS Format. Enter the SMS template in the SMS Format. You will need to use shortcodes like
    • [patient_name] – Patient Full Name
    • [patient_id] – Patient ID
    • [clinic_name] – Clinic Name
    • [doctor_name] – Doctor Name
    • [dose_time] – Morning | Tuesday | Wednesday
    • [sms_medicine_details] – All Medicine Details
    • [appointment_time] – Appointment Time
    • [appointment_date] – Appointment Date
    • [appointment_status] – Appointment Status
    to generate the personalized SMS for Doctor or Patient.