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Chikitsa completes 7 years on 4th Nov 2019. We have many exciting plans for it in the future.
And for that we need your support.

Tell us what you think about Chikitsa, what works, what doesn't work, what it needs, what it doesn't need.
Appreciation and Criticism are all welcome.

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The system is structured and tidy but you have some issue with permissions for each user, it's not rejected any of user when he get the link of administration page even you select the role of permissions for each , for example when you login with admin and all modules is available for admin by default but if you login with nurse or receptions you can see all modules and editing same as administrator without any exception termination of session, if you add short-code url module/index under nurse login, please try and fix this bug

thanks for your job

After hours researching and testing in my our machine, your product is the best, and i bought some extensions, it works perfectly and smooth but you should consider to check and update some issues:

  • Real permission for user group, not just hiding menu only.
  • When restrict user permission, some buttons like Visit still exist and cause error when user click those buttons.
  • Edit Discount Amount cause blank Bills, user have to go back and edit again
  • Do not have option for admin to delete bills
  • User with lowest permission still can edit bill after payment cause difficult in bills management.
  • In Bill Template, some shortcodes are not work like [patient_id} nad missing some shortcodes like [reference_by]
  • Template editor is simple but very difficult to understand and using
  • Current version does not have option to set discount amount in %
  • The product does not contain or have a module to create, manage promocode or customer's product pakages

Thanks alot for your perfect works, perfect software with "customer happy"price for extension, i know alot of clinic management management system out there but i think this is the best one, so hope some day you can update and improve it more and more, thankyou again