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8. Visit Notes

  • To see visit click on visit button beside the patient.
  • To enter the visits detail from administrator screen, select doctor from dropdown.
  • Select visit date and time and enter notes and Notes for Patient and reason for visit.
  • If you have prescription extension, the notes for patient will be printed with prescription.
  • While entering the visit detail, you can also set follow-up date.

  • You will be able to see the visit added in table below.

  • To edit visit, click on the edit button beside the visit detail.
  • Change the detail you want to change and click edit to save change.

  • To enter the bill details, click on the bill button.
  • Enter the item and amount.
  • You can also delete an already added item.

  • To see the receipt, click on the Print receipt button.

  • To enter bill payment, click on bill payment button.
  • Enter amount and choose payment mode.
  • Now you can adjust multiple bills against a payment.
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