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7. Add Patient Contact Detail

  • In Left Navigation Menu, Click on Patients > All Patients.
  • You can see list of all patients here.
  • You can search a patient by his/her name, mobile number, email or ID. To search patient, just start typing his/her name, surname, ID , email or phone number in search box
  • To add a new patient, click on the Add Patient button.

  • Enter First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and other detail of Patient.
  • To save detail Press Save button.

  • Click on Patient name to edit his or her details.

  • You can also add a profile picture for the patient, simply click on the choose file button.
  • Select image.
  • Enter any other detail.
  • Click on the Save button to save changes.

  • You can see the patient detail in visit view.
  • Here patient previous visit details are visible too.

  • If you want to manage the follow up with patient, you can go to the patients list and click on Set Next follow up button.
  • Select Doctor and follow up date for reminder.
  • You can remove a follow-up by clicking the delete button against that follow up.
  • You can add an appointment right from the follow-up screen by using the Add Appointment button against the follow-up.

  • You can see the patients list that needs to be called for appointment in follow ups widget in Appointment view.

  • Click on the patient name to edit the follow up.
  • You can also delete a patient by clicking on delete button.
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