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6. Settings

Clinic Detail

  • You can change the setting in Administration section.
  • This is only available in admin user (or if you have Menu Access Extension, you can give access to any user for this).
  • Click on Clinic Detail to set Name, Address, and Phone Number etc of clinic. These details will be shown in receipt.
  • Set Start Time and End Time of Clinic. The Appointment Screen will be generated accordingly.
  • Set Time Interval according to the average appointment time at your clinic
  • Next follow up after n days: by default the next follow-up date will be set to n days after the appointment date. Set it to 0 to disable automatically setting next follow-up.

Settings (General)

  • Go to administration settings for additional settings like Language, Time Zone, Date and Time Format.
  • Also different tax format
    • – On Individual Item
    • – Or on entire Bill
  • Languages
    • – We have used Google Translate to set the languages. So it might not be exactly how you would like
    • – But there is a solution now : You can change the language text yourself
  • Patient Account Enable/Disable
    • – You will be able to take more payment than invoice amount.
    • – The additional payment will be maintained in Patient Account.
    • – This amount can be used to adjust the bill next time.

    • You can see all the text in English and the text that is shown in system for that.
    • You can search for a particular term and change its value. Just type in the words and move to next text field to save

    Settings (Invoice)
    • You can add a prefix to invoice number and set the length of invoice number.
      e.g. If you want invoice number like I0001 then set Static Prefix as I and Length as 4 (for numerical part)
    • Set Currency prefix and Currency Postfix.
      e.g. If you want the currency in form Rs.100/- , set currency prefix as Rs. And currency postfix as /-

    Working Days
    • Go to Administration > Working Days
    • You can set the normal working days for week.
    • If there are any more non-working days, you can set from Exceptional Days Section.
    • You can also add exceptional working days.

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